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I had a similar sort of deal with phone calls, but all from Richmond.

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1. Chapter 1 by Quouar

Chapter 1 by Quouar

I had a similar sort of deal with phone calls, but all from Richmond.

I used to get calls from various places in Richmond - a hardware store, a nursing home, those sorts of places - that I'd never heard of and never gave my number to. They all fell into one of two types. The first time I answered, I got this really chipper male voice asking me my name. I told it to him, and he said he had the wrong number and hung up. He called back several times over the next few weeks. The last time he called, he just said "I have the wrong number" and hung up. Each call he made to me came from a different number, all in Richmond.

The second type of call was much creepier. I would answer the phone, and at first, not hear anything but a hiss in the background, like static. Then, after a few seconds, there would be an old man mumbling about something. He would keep going without stopping, and I would always hang up on him. Those, too, always came from different numbers, but always within Richmond.

They kept calling me until the day I moved out of the country and cancelled the number. I still have no idea who they were or how they got my number, but I do know that it was creepy as all hell.

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