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Not very scary, but kind of unsettling.
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Scary Reddit Stories #31 by Quouar PG 13+
I had a similar sort of deal with phone calls, but all from Richmond.


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It's the very embodiment of fear. The center of every good horror story or movie, real or fiction. The one thought floating around at the back of your mind on the darkest night, in the early hours of morning, when the house is still and you're alone. The knowledge that raises the hairs on the back of your neck, chills of pure terror floading your mind and body, your heartbeat thundering in your chest, breaths coming out in panicked...fearful...gasps.

The sudden overwhelming realization that...

You are not alone.

There is someone standing right behind you.

Welcome to i'M rIgHt BeHiNd yOu, an Australian owned site. The scary stories and videos here are both true and fictional from around the internet. Kick back with a hot cocoa and marshmallows, draw your computer close, and prepare to be chilled to the bone...

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Site News
Welcome And A Few Notes

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new website with a very suitable name. 😁 What could be more terrifying than suddenly realising that someone - or something - scary was standing right behind you? I had great fun coming up with this name.

The site is just new and a few pages are still are yet to have content added to it, but the register, logon, submission, rules, help and category pages are up and running. You can start submitting and people can begin to read and review your stories. I'll have them all up as soon as I can.

I've loved scary stories since I was a kid and there's nothing quite like the chill and rush of adrenaline that you get when you've been scared by something you've read. The really good stories will stick with you for years and the best ones are passed along by word of mouth, and a click of your Facebook or Twitter icons, so getting them put up on a story website like this would be a great beginning for newer Authors.

This site has been linked to our main website, Destiny's Gateway, so we'll have thousands of readers coming here shortly when I'm done advertising about. Please do the same if you read a story and loved it, okay? Help the Authors out by leaving them by encouraging people to come here and read the stories and leave a review if you loved it and it made you freaked the hell out.

If you're an Author who would prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to use a fake name or use the name Annonymous (If that name is take just make it Annonymous 1, or another number) We all use fake names as Authors, because sometimes you just need to keep your true scary stories unassociated with your real life for personal or legal reasons. You wouldn't want your stalker to track you down, right? Lol

  • Just a reminder that all stories on here are copyrighted by their creators and are protected under that law, so no stealing them or the Authors can sue you with my blessing! Plagiarism isn't tolerated either, so please do not post people's true or fictional stories without their permission. If I receive a report that you posted without permission you will be banned and your details added to a blacklist for everyone to see. There are copyright notices on every page of this site and also information in the rules and submission links to keep our Authors protected.
  • Be kind and courteous to the Authors. I have zero tolerance for flamers who just love to insult the Author and tell them how much they hated the story or said it was stupid and you will find yourself promptly banned. Constructive criticism is always welcome though, because it will help the Authors grow as a writer and perfect their craft.
  • If you have a story that you just love and want to post here, but it's not yours, please contact the creator and ask for permission to post on their behalf. Once you have that permission please email me the story, along with the permission reply, and I will create an account with their name and email, so that they can receive reviews.
  • If Authors prefer to receive no reviews and don't want their email listed on the account or story, then I can put a throwaway email address and they won't receive them.
  • If you don't see a Genre or Category that you need added in order to submit your story, please use the contact button in the menu and let us know and we'll add it as soon as possible.
  • I've only got a few rules in regards to content posted, because I don't believe in censoring true or fictional stories, unless the fictional ones are just an excuse to write disgusting content to get a response. All content fits under a specific Rating, so read the instructions carefully. All extremely violent and gory content goes under an R 18+ rating and extremely sexual content will go under an NC 17+ rating. Yes, I'm using the old rating system because the knew one is pretty ridiculous with its's K's and T's etc. My system is much more straightforward.
  • All of the members from my Destiny's Gateway site have been copied onto this new site, so you can just login with your usual details and begin posting.
  • If there are any issues on the site then please use the Contact link to let us know. I have a Moderator who will be monitoring the mailbox as well as myself.
  • I can't design new skins for the site at the moment, but I'll try and make some more next year. I'm recovering from a serious car accident so I have an injured back and neck and designing in Photoshop just isn't possible right now. I can't spend a lot of time sitting up at the computer. a85;a039;

I'll be writing to Authors and posters on Reddit, who have posted some really amazing scary stories that I really loved reading and hopefully they'll give permission. In the meantime, have fun posting up your own frightening encounters with strangers, friends or family. I'll be doing the same because I had a few very terrifying encounters with a man in a truck who used to follow my Brother and I home from School when we were 10 and 8 years old.

I can't wait to read what everyone posts. Have fun!



--Princess Destiny on Aug 30, 2017 11:19 AM
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