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Scary Reddit Stories #22 by abistigmata PG 13+
I grew up in a house on Long Island in the town of Brentwood, it was a quiet...
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Scary Reddit Stories #31 by Quouar PG 13+
I had a similar sort of deal with phone calls, but all from Richmond.


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It's the very embodiment of fear. The center of every good horror story or movie, real or fiction. The one thought floating around at the back of your mind on the darkest night, in the early hours of morning, when the house is still and you're alone. The knowledge that raises the hairs on the back of your neck, chills of pure terror floading your mind and body, your heartbeat thundering in your chest, breaths coming out in panicked...fearful...gasps.

The sudden overwhelming realization that...

You are not alone.

There is someone standing right behind you.

Welcome to i'M rIgHt BeHiNd yOu, an Australian owned site. The scary stories and videos here are both true and fictional from around the internet. Kick back with a hot cocoa and marshmallows, draw your computer close, and prepare to be chilled to the bone...

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This category is for true scary stories only that happened to yourself or to someone you know.

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Hi everyone,

The site is now open for submissions. :)  We're so happy that it's finally up and hope to see a lot of your very scary true and fictional stories. If you need any Categories or Tags added, please send us an email via the contact form.  We'll add them as soon as we can.

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